We are here to help you grow your business

Real World Coaching has a team of specialists on hand to help you with the 4 strategic pillars of business growth Vision, Analysis, Planning and Targets. We have specialists across all these areas:


Our aim is to help you grow the best version of your business, whilst also being the best version of YOU. We want to inspire growth whilst reducing stress, worry and imbalance so we have added a 5th pillar, YOUR SANITY!
— Emma May

We mean business, and if you are ready, willing and able we want to personally work with you to move in to new levels of business growth to scale up your business using a blended approach

Coaching blended with strategy and specialist knowledge is a powerful mechanism to help you break down your business, identify a clear road map, and then hold yourself accountable to not only follow through with it, but follow through with it with enhanced leadership skills.

Everything about your business growth has to start with YOU, are you ready to take ownership and see what you can achieve?

We use a range of Behaviour DISC reports as a foundation for our coaching relationships including a Leadership DISC report which helps us to really focus on the ‘how’ to support that ‘what’.

We work with every business size, every business area, and have packages to suit a range of needs and budgets right through from monthly coaching, workshops and one-off projects right through to day to day support.

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How we work

We start everything with a cuppa!
— Emma May

Whether it is a remote catch up, a meeting on-site or in a local cafe, we start everything with a cuppa and a chat!

Initial Consultation

We book you in for a free session to talk about your business, where you are at the moment, and where you want to get to. We will walk you through a business audit to help identify areas where you can accelerate growth.

Following on from our chat we will pull together some options for you and walk you through how our consultants could support your plan for growing the business, we will send them over with some free tools to get you going!

After that it is over to you, you can get going with your free tools, or sign up for one of the options, all we ask is that if you sign up to one of the options that you are 100% committed to the process, and ready to dedicate the time to maximise your results.

Remember, your business starts and ends with YOU.


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