Part of the life we LOVE, is giving back to Charity

We do what we can to support charities both locally and internationally.

Emma has cycled around Asia to raise money to put electricity in the school she volunteered at in Cambodia, has run numerous events and auctions, and is always taking on random and somewhat crazy challenges in the pursuit of raising both funds and awareness for different charities.

Emma also volunteer's at Magg's Activity centre running workshops each fortnight to build confidence in skills.

So far in 2018 we have raised

- £265 for Women for Women to celebrate International Women's Day.

Below are the details of upcoming events and fundraising...




On Thursday 26th April 2018, I will be joining others in giving up our bed for one night to help those who don’t have one. We will be  braving the cold and sleeping outdoors side-by-side  to raise awareness and funds for homeless people in Worcester.

The CEO Sleepout will support the priceless work of these charities and other local charitable projects. Our ultimate goal is to help make Worcester a fairer and even better place in which to live, work and do business.This will only be a tiny insight into living without a roof, but it’s something that I can do to help raise awareness and  raise money.  

I have done fundraising events for Maggs day centre, collected care packages and will soon be volunteering to do workshops with some of the service users around confidence and skills. I  feel that the sleepout will help me get a better appreciation and  understanding with which to  give the best support possible in these sessions.

Emma May 

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I have always wanted to run the London marathon to prove to myself that I can!

I have ME so have had time when walking up the stairs was hard, and my exercise over the years has tended to be HIIT and weights focused  based on the fatigue long distance creates. I have done lots of obstacle races and mud runs with minimal training as I love the commoradery and being part of a team on the day so I decided to step it up a notch with the marathon just in time for my 30th birthday year!


My focus for the marathon is to raise money for the MS society. My beautiful mum has MS and is a constant inspiration to me, you can see her there on my photo :). She was diagnosed after a car accident we had when I was 17.

 She had walked across the  Malvern hills only the day before with the dog and ever since the accident mum has been reliant on crutches, and now a wheelchair so unable to do all of the things outdoors that she loves.  

However, I challenge you to find a time when my mum isn’t smiling, and  spending her time doing or thinking about someone other than herself. She is beautiful inside and out and I will finish this marathon, be it running, walking or crawling, because I am running it for her, and I am running because she can’t.

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