The spotlight on Emma May

I always wanted to be on the stage, I loved performing.. although according to my mum I also wanted to own a hairdressers called 'black and white'... even as a 5 year old I wanted to be self employed.

I used to put on performances in the garden and charge the neighbours to come round, much to my parents dismay! I loved singing and would have given my right arm to go to theatre school, but I knew deep down I wasn't good enough to make it where I wanted to go.

I remember writing my applications to university and writing I am applying for XXX because... and I just kept changing which course I wanted to do. I had no clue what I wanted to do and I didn't want to go to uni unless I felt it was essential for the career I wanted. ( On doing my motivator science report recently, this suddenly made complete sense when it came out that my motivator for knowledge was 0 and resourcefulness was 95! This shows I am only interested in gaining knowledge if it is for a reason/ end goal.)

So I started off by doing a ski season hosting a chalet for 16 guests, I still to this day can't cook small portions, if you come round for dinner expect enough food for 16!

Real World Coaching is on the road with me at ALL times now, this way I can still fulfil some of my childhood dreams. Here's me as the Princess in Aladdin panto working away during the interval... living the dream!

Real World Coaching is on the road with me at ALL times now, this way I can still fulfil some of my childhood dreams. Here's me as the Princess in Aladdin panto working away during the interval... living the dream!

When I came back I gigged making money singing and teaching for a while whilst training to become a Domestic Energy Assessor...

Home information packs were about to be implemented and lots of Domestic Energy Assessors would be required - seemed like a no brainer whilst I was floundering over next steps, and it would enable me to work for myself.

The only problem was, it is a VERY dry role and I am a VERY creative soul so the course bored me to tears. Problem 2 also came about when the government changed the policy around home information packs and suddenly there were a host of Energy Assessors with no homes needing assessment...

I ended up managing a home information pack company as their office manager. My first office job, and one which taught me a lot, it came about as part of a chance meeting with a local estate agent when looking for areas to establish connections.

I was involved in a theatre group at the time and was co-directing one of the sections. My organisational skills pricked the interest of one of the committee and they suggested I might make an ideal candidate for an upcoming role at the county council as a project assistant. Best move I ever made, and an opportunity out of the blue!

I started my role in the county council as project assistant and grew this area of my capabilities through to a Business Analyst. It was at this time I did a coaching diploma on the side to help enhance my skills as a business analyst and manager and this is where my love of coaching first cropped up!

I moved over to a housing association as an Implementation Consultant in IT and throughout the next 7 years I was rapidly promoted through the ranks with a varied career through project, programme and portfolio related roles until March 2018 where I ended my IT career as head of the Portfolio. 

I loved managing and working with my teams and this is where my love of coaching came more into play than it had before.  I was soon working with the whole department on digital and behavioural strategies, change management practices and best practice team management and behaviours, again always falling back into my passion zone of  getting the best out of people, and understanding behaviours.

I took 10 months mid career to travel and volunteer, and again this is one of the scariest but most incredible things I have ever done. I taught English in a dirt hurt in Cambodia, cycled Asia to raise money for the Cambodian English School of Higher Education and did some business coaching en route.

At 21 I had created an ambitious 'by the time I am 30 plan' for myself, and then upon hitting this checklist aged 29 realised I was unfulfilled, empty and had followed goals based on what my idea of success looked like at 21, not on what it actually meant to me. So I used coaching to work through what I needed to feel fulfilled, created a new 'before I am 30 list' and bingo Real World Coaching went full time! ( So far I have kept the sports car and hot tub as a bonus though :) ...)

I am now the head clarity coach and owner of Real World Coaching.  My mission is to help as many business owners to build the best version of themselves, whilst being the best version of themselves as possible. This combines my passion for people, behaviour and strategy into one place whilst using my decade of experience in efficiency, planning, analysis, projects, forecasting and not to mention leadership to give a 360 degree service for business owners.

The key element of Real World Coaching is that it serves as a reality check, spoiler alert, it all comes back to YOU.

Helping you as a business owner build the best version version of your business involves understanding what that best version really looks like, this way we can help you stay aligned to the original why' and motivators, there is no point having a successful business on paper if it doesn't fit, or worse still, takes you away from the areas that give you fulfilment.

Best version of your business + the best version of you = true success

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