WElcome to the ideas FActory!

7-9pm every 4-6 weeks held at the Oil Basin, Worcester

*Are you tired of working solo and in need of a sounding board?

*Would you like to share ideas in a relaxed and informal environment?

*Would you like to get involved with a similar group of people to learn new things, support each other?

*Are you willing to share your ideas with others and get involved?

The first 30 minutes is saying hi, signing in and setting ourselves up with pizza and bevvies for the eve!

7.30-8.45(ish) is then a round table with 5minute slots per person to talk about an issue, idea, project, anything you would like ideas or feedback on!

As you talk, everyone writes their ideas and feedback on post-it notes so at the end of your 5 minutes you have a pile of post-it notes from everyone around you.

You can then take these away with you aswell as using them to talk to others afterwards.

8.45 onwards is just ` few bevvies and a chat so feel free to come along for part, or all of the eve!

There is also now a pizza oven so you can even order pizza to keep you going.

The aim is simple; we want to bring back genuine, free, organic, networking whilst enjoying a bevvie and some great company!

Why not come along and start making some real connections, here are the upcoming dates…


One of our brilliant Consultants Esther also runs a Malvern based Networking event, Malvern PEarls, to support and encourage business owners in a friendly and informal setting… there is also AMAZING cake, check it out!