Worcester: First Thursday of every month 7-8.30pm


The ultimate solution to:

✅ maximise your productivity

✅ accelerate achieving your goals in life, work and relationships

✅ understand how to organise yourself to be the best version of you

✅ dispel the myths you tell yourself why ‘you’ can’t do what others do

Here’s some things our #GOALGETTERS have previously achieved:

  • New jobs

  • Move to self employment

  • Re-discovering hobbies

  • Finding consistency in goals

  • Fitness goals

  • Improved relationships

  • Qualifications

  • Wedding planning!

  • Improved work life balance

  • Overcoming anxiety

  • Maximising work relationships and overcoming conflict

Imagine the feeling of  clarity that comes from breaking your goals, aspirations and personal development down into bite size chunks to edge you closer to where you want to be?

With #GOALGETTERS you can break down EVERY aspect of your life to make sure you are making the most of every opportunity, striving to be the best version of YOU, and avoiding that rut!

Goalgetters is a framework within which you can break down your goals, remove blockers and hold yourself to account to achieve them. It has been built up around coaching techniques, behavioural tailoring and motivators, alongside influences and inspiration from Project management and goal setting strategy.

Think 'Weight Watcher for you happiness -  a framework helping you to hit your goals' 

With #GOALGETTERS you are constantly moving closer and closer towards where you want to be, but without it feeling intimidating or overwhelming, all meet ups are personal to you so everything is written so the GREAT part is - it is for ANY goal.

You will be amazed at how #GOALGETTERS gets you to think BIG PICTURE, so the goal you may think you want to hit turns into action across the board and you will end up finding fulfilment far wider and further than you first anticipated.

#GOALGETTERS is for life not just when you NEED it, our aim is to help people stay in control and maximise their happiness ALL the time!


This year’s focus sessions:

4th April - 3 month goal setting

Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 16.00.33.png

2nd May - Your actions, attitude and impact on others

6th June - Want, have don’t want, don’t have

4th July - 3 month goal setting

1st August - Limiting beliefs

5th September - The power of perception

3rd October - 3 month goal setting

7th November - Handling Stress

5th December - wrap up the year


In your trial month you will get a one to one strategy session with coach Emma to help you identify first ‘12 week goal’, your first meet up and an online goal board.

At the end of your trial you then have a choice to go it solo, or, sign up to the bronze, silver or gold package!


  • Time commitment 

  • Dedication 

  • Commitment to challenge yourself

  • Openness to explore and embrace opportunities


Trial month: £39.99 via one time payment ( includes meet up and one to one goal setting session)

Bronze Package: Just monthly meet up, £29.99 paid via Direct Debit

Silver Package: Monthly meet up, shared accountability board and email check in, £39.99 paid via direct debit.

Gold Package: Monthly meet up, shared accountability board and 45min one to one coaching session per month, £89.99 paid via direct debit.

All Direct Debits are simply subject to one months notice period, you are not tied in to a long term contract.


Yes, that is the great thing about #GOALGETTERS, you are committing to action and being held to account so this will challenge you to meet your goals....however, it is all good challenge and we will never make you feel like you have not achieved if your actions aren't completed, we will help you understand why so you can get the most out of your next goal setting experience to set realistic, achievable goals.



No problem, the #GOALGETTERS Framework is designed to help you think through your long term aspirations, then break them down into goals, then into actions for 2 weeks at a time. You will be guided through everything, you just need to come/log on ready to commit to taking some actions!


A session is nothing to worry about, we won't embarrass you, we won't ask you to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing - in fact the GOAL setting section of the night is done individually and it is up to you how much you share with those around you.

Emma May is always there at least 15minutes beforehand so feel free to come along early if you want to - at the end of each session you will lock in some actions that you can commit to completing by the next session.

The session starts  with a focus session, this varies each time and is designed to help you think big picture, what are your values, whats your vision, your barriers, behaviours, conflict, what stops you succeeding, is your time productive, where are you value areas... etc.

Then we will run the GOAL setting section, this will be the same format each time so you can get comfortable with it - this is designed to set short term goals, so break down one of your bigger goals into actions for the next month- you will then lock these in at the end of the session and commit to completing them by the next session. You can choose to share these with people or you can keep them individual, it is personal choice.

Before I started GOALGETTERS my outlook was just negative, I would say in every area, I had no confidence, I was anxious about everything, not seeing my mates, not going out, not leaving the house, work was hard, everything seemed like a complete stress.

All I could see was anxiety everywhere and it fed into every area on my wheel.

These 3 months have made a huge difference for me. Everything was spiralling, but GOALGETTERS has changed my life.

I have always had good intentions to do well in each area, but in January I was at rock bottom and stuck in a rut.

The good thing for me about GOALGETTERS is that by focusing on individual areas all of that stress just faded away, by having targets and ticking them off every couple of weeks I felt like I was making a difference… then all of a sudden I found confidence, and all the areas started to improve, just by ticking little bits off each time.

Out of GOALGETTERS I identified things that I wanted that I hadn’t maybe realised I had wanted before, and by having confidence to articulate them rather than being negative, all of a sudden I have a positive outlook which again fed into all areas

My outlook now is completely different, nothing is an issue, it is more like ‘what am I going to do next’, there are areas I still want to improve on but rather than looking at them like a negative, I look at them like a challenge.

Through GOALGETTERS I feel like I am achieving over and over again rather than it being a stress or a worry, It is a positive challenge rather than it being daunting or worrying and it helped me to focus on getting the best out of life.

For me it has taken all the stress, all the worry, all the fear out of doing anything new.

I have gone from things being an issue and living day to day, to after joining GOALGETTERS challenging myself on a bi-weekly basis. Those around me can see the changes, doing anything social was always a worry or a stress for me, and it’s not anymore.

I have joined bootcamp, I would have never have done that. I went with a friend a couple of times, and then I went by myself (which was a massive deal for me), now I go by myself and make an effort to talk to people each time which is such a difference.

In January if you had told me I could get to where I am now, I would have said no way!

My goal for the next 3 months is to maintain everything I have already built up and focus on my study, get into a routine without it taking over, and get over my fear of failure.
— Emma
GOALGETTERS gave me the tools to focus on my immediate goals by breaking down my aims into more manageable/achievable chunks.

I left my first session feeling more positive about achieving my aspirations with renewed focus. I especially thought the focus session spent reflecting on how we spend our time was really useful in terms of reallocating time to spend time on the things that matter.
— Paula
Emma is amazing at what she does, she really helps break down issues and talks them through to work them out.
She is very knowledgable in what she coaches and has really helped develop skills I didn’t even know I had!!!
Would 100% recommend to anyone!
— James