Cheltenham WORKSHOP: Keeping your clients on track ( 06/04)

Cheltenham WORKSHOP: Keeping your clients on track ( 06/04)

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KEEPING YOUR CLIENTS ON TRACK: 6th April 2019, 12-4 pm

The Gym Cheltenham, 292 High Street, GL50 3HQ

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Help your clients to get the MOST out of your service through effective goal-setting and tapping into their ‘why’.

Are you a Coach, Personal trainer, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapists, Nutritionist or Dietician?

We are excited to be running a workshop out of The Gym Cheltenham, on their website you will see part of their ethos is that ‘A Personal Trainer can make a significant difference to your training, helping you work towards your own personal goals whilst introducing you to new exercises and training techniques’.

THIS is what this workshop is all about, maximising the difference you can make by really homing in that goal and targeting motivation, and this is why we are excited to be teaming up and running the workshop from The Gym Cheltenham!

This insightful workshop will help you to perfect your goal setting, questioning and tailoring skills to help you MAXIMISE the benefit your clients get from your service, and keep them engaged for the long-term.

  • Learn how to question clients to get the BEST results and tap into their ‘WHY’.

  • Learn how to set foolproof goals with clients to keep them motivated and to MAXIMISE results for the long-term.

  • Identify different motivational behaviours and mechanisms to tailor your approach.

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Not only will you get key takeaways on how to best support your clients with their goal setting and motivation, but you will learn some practical ways to identify behavioural preferences and tailor your approach to get the most from people.

You will leave the workshop with an action plan to help you implement what you have learnt and you are guaranteed to leave buzzing full of ideas and insights to help you maximise the support you offer to your clients.

The session includes all handouts and resources, all you need to bring is yourself!