How are your foundations?

How are your foundations?

Everyone on the same page knowing where the business is going, how they fit in, and exactly what needs to be done with clear communication channels and clear data is a very powerful position to be in. These foundation will unlock the growth potential of your business, whereas sloppy foundations will hinder it…maybe even break it

Why we do what we do!

Why we do what we do!

I am all about people and behaviour, but rest assured I have the logical mind and experience in implementing systems, new ways of working, changes etc. whilst still keeping the people focus, to back up my approach.

After all what is the use in a vision no one else in your business is working towards, processes no one follows, or a new system that no one uses...

Motivation Part 4 - Routine

Motivation Part 4 - Routine

Adding a trigger to your routine is like a pre match warm up, it isn't something you need motivation to do, it is just something simple that will become the start of your routine.

For me my work day starts when I open my office door, and finishes when I close the door. Opening the door is so simple, no motivation needed there! But it becomes symbolic and provides my brain with a message to say I am in work mode, or that I am out of work mode.

Motivation Part 2 - Why

Step number two of our motivation week, understanding your real ‘why’.

We want to know 'why, why, why, why, why’ 

We want you to take the goal that you want to be motivated towards and keep asking yourself why you want it, until you find your TRUE driver…

Let’s take my goal from yesterdays goal challenge:

'post one article a week, and increase my engagement level on articles from 200 reads per article, to an average of 400 reads by 1st October 2018’

  • Why do I want to increase my article engagements?  To get more people reading my content
  • Why do I want more people to read my content? To get more people understanding what value I can add
  • Why do I want people to understand my value add? To make sure they know when they could use my services
  • Why do I want them to know when to use my services? To increase my sales funnel of potential clients
  • Why do I want to increase my sales funnel? To increase and protect future turnover



So, actually although my goal surfaced as wanting to increase my linkedin reads, that is purely a mechanisms to help me support future business growth and turnover. If I didn’t have a business aim it is very unlikely I would be setting a linked article read target just for shi*s and gigs.

Change happens when the discomfort of something not changing becomes greater than change. 

So, I could de-prioritise this goal and not focus on it, but If I paint myself a picture of what happens when I don’t set goals to increase and protect my future turnover, my future business growth looks pretty bleak! 

All of a sudden I have a driver to get those article reads up as I can see where they fit in the bigger picture, and I have reminded myself WHY I want that goal.


***Motivation Challenge number 2***

Take your goal from yesterday and keep asking yourself why you want it until you have worked out what your actual driver is. Once you have done that I want you to reassess what value that goal has to you, what happens if you don’t do it? What impact will it have on your and your business long term?

Feeling more motivated yet?...


Motivation Part 1 - Goals

Motivation Part 1 - Goals

To get motivated you first need something to get motivated towards and we want you to set goals with these two principles in mind...

Firstly, make sure it is a specific goal, and you will know once you get there and what benefits it will bring you - think SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound)

Secondly, The Goldilocks rule, If you set your goal unrealistically high then you can demotivate and discourage yourself through intimidation and lack of progress; set the goal too low and you will get bored.

"Why does no-one care about my business like I do?!"

"Why does no-one care about my business like I do?!"

“Why does no-one care about my business like I do!?”

The very first thing to acknowledge, is that that statement is 100% correct! And the sooner you recognise that, the easier it is to realign and understand what you can expect from other people.

Put it this way, there will be many many businesses that you admire, and are a trusty supporter and follower of yourself... but you don't  care about that business as much as your own, right? It wasn't founded on your blood, sweat, tears, ideas and hard earned cash?!

Insta goals...

Insta goals...

I want to share with you my phenomenon of 'Insta goals'....

By Insta goals I mean the goals you feel you SHOULD have in order to live up to the expectations set by social media and projections from the media.

Everyone's life looks perfect on Instagram so it creates a culture of wanting to emulate that life and the feeling that if our lives aren't that perfect, then we are failing.

Authentic behaviour

We all have a natural style of behaviour, if you are acting outside of that behaviour the body uses adrenaline to get you through, once used this then goes into the body and cortisone is produced, also known as the stress hormone.

We all have the ability to do everything and stretch ourselves, and it is vital now that we can adapt behaviour and mindset....however, this shouldn’t be all of the time, if you bend yourself out of shape for the majority of the time you are likely to be pretty stressed out and eventually you bend that much... you break.

So a couple of thoughts:

Are you bending your behaviour because you have to, or because of your perception?

Are you bending your behaviour because you have to, or because of your perception.jpg

Here is an example:

An introverted process focused individual who is doing a presentation to a room full of people - flexing of behaviour is required and they are likely to feel Adrenalin filled - but this is a good stretch challenge. If this person was required to do this all the time however, they are likely to feel constantly ‘drained’.

An individual who is low on dominance but perceives successful leaders to be strong, dominant, a very ‘tell’ style leader - they then change behaviour away from their natural style to put on a ‘mask’ at work for the style they perceived is required. This is unnecessary stress (100% of the time) and is likely to result in an inconsistent style of behaviour. Individuals are at their best when at their most authentic but able to dial up and dial down some of their behaviours to suit situations.

Thought 2 - just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you have to.

You have mastered something, even excelled at something but maybe still feel like it doesn’t energise you, you are not fulfilled?

Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you have to do it all of the time, it likely shows how adaptable you are and how you could adapt to do something else.

And what if you could adapt to doing something that naturally energised you?

Many of us are still in limbo between ‘Job/relationship/direction for life’ and millennial leap frog and not sure where we fit. A drive to stick with what we know and make do, but a deep down realisation that life is short and are we happy with the feeling of ‘is this it?!’.

The answer is simple - if you aren’t happy, it is in your control to change and it is ok to do things that make you happy, rather than just stick with what you know... dare I say what is ‘comfortable’.

*What energises you?

*When are you at you most natural?

*Do you create unnecessary stress on yourself by adding a ‘mask’ of behaviour?

We are now offering full behaviour and motivators assessments which are are great way to identify behaviours, opportunities to dial up and down behaviour, stress indicators, understanding of why you might react a certain way to situations or people around you.

These assessments also help us to identify the best way for you to set goals and break habits!

Get in touch, we love to geek out on this stuff