Finding an hour

Struggling to find that extra hour? An hour a day (4.1% of your day...)



- Do you know where your time goes? Make a diary for a couple of days to track where you spend your time. Does it match where you think your time goes?

- What could you just STOP doing?

- What are you doing because you feel you ought to?

- What could you delegate or get support from others on?

- What could you do to prioritise that hour for YOU! It is not selfish it is necessary, guard that hour as you would for a friend!

- What is stopping you from prioritising that hour for you?



- How much sleep is optimum for you? Know how much sleep makes you feel on top form!

- Are you getting 'quality' sleep, if not what's stopping you?

- Do you have an evening routine to help you switch off? Get that laptop/TV and smart phone off and out the way!

- Do you struggle with switching your brain off? Do you wake up with ideas in the night or things you have forgotten? Keep a notepad by the bed, scribble it and go back to sleep! it will still be there in the morning.

- Do you have young children or responsibilities that mean broken sleep? How do you make up for those lost hours, who can you call on to help so you can catch up those hours? How can you keep healthy and topped up despite lack of sleep? Nutrition, hydration, meditation...