Productivity Challenge


How many of you are guilty of Email distraction?

You are focused, in the zone and rattling through your work...and then BAM an email pops up and you are one click away from complete distraction.

Dipping in and out of work isn't productive - focused time is, and email is a key distractor from that.

Try these simple tips this week and notice how much more productive your focused time is:

1. Check Email only at certain times - set yourself Email times and stick to them.

2. Turn off notifications so you are not tempted to dip in when a notifications pops up.

3. Add your email times/ or an expected reply time to your auto reply so people expect a reply only at those times

4. Send all of your Cc( Copied in) emails to a different folder automatically so you can focus mainly on emails sent directly to you, any that you are copied in de-prioritise and check once a day.

5. Don't get caught up in email ping pong - pick up the phone.

Ok, so 5 simple steps to stop email getting in the way of getting actual work done!


Day 2  - Social Media


How often do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through news feeds not truly really paying attention to what is scrolling in front of you?

Do you reach for your phone first thing in the morning and last thing at night to habitually check your notifications?

Are you instantly distracted by a notification pop up on your screen that takes you out of the moment?

*** Do you know how much time you spend on your social media, and what benefit does it bring you? ***

The majority of my business is built around advertising on social media, I post all my holiday pics on my personal page, I love keeping in touch with friends and their stories - I am absolutely not condemning social media!

The focus of the productivity challenge today is simply mindful use of it.

Mindful Social Media Challenge

1. Turn off your notifications...
No, I'm not mad - it will stop you getting distracted and you can just check your apps as and when you want to, making it focused time rather than a continual distraction.

2. No scrolling in the bedroom... 
Make your bedroom a scroll free zone, read a book, talk, listen to music, an audio book... just stay off social media for the last moments before bed.

3. Recognise where you get enjoyment...
Be mindful of where you get enjoyment. Is it in seeing family photos, friends blogs, local business updates... recognise the areas that you use it for enjoyment and target those rather than just scrolling mindlessly.

4. Set a limit...
Set yourself limits on how often you will be on it. If you use it for work, dedicate time slots for checking it and avoid getting lost in the click throughs of silly video's and pointless quiz's...


Day 3 - Solo tasking

We spend our lives trying to multitask so much so that we actually reduce our overall productivity and miss out on ‘living in the moment’.

Are you guilty of writing a mental checklist in your mind of all the things you have to do whilst talking to someone?

Do you have conversations with people through the back of your phone whilst checking emails or notifications saying ‘carry on I’m listening’

Do you get to the end of the day and feel like you have started a million things and finished nothing...

I could go on, but I’m sure get my drift...


Multitasking is necessary sometimes, but there are also many times that are deserving of ‘quality focused time’ aka, solotasking!

Your challenge for today is simple, focus on what you are doing.

1. If you are talking with someone, listen, engage and notice what they are really saying. (Don’t give them half your attention then spend later in the evening texting them whilst ignoring someone else...)

2. Prioritise your to do list and focus on one thing at a time until it is done (even the boring stuff) avoid flitting and you will get through it far quicker with focus!

3. If you can’t stop getting distracted by your phone, turn it on airplane mode until you need to check it next, take the distraction away.

Try your hand at solo tasking and remind yourself what a job 100% done looks like 


Day 4 -  ‘value’


Before you work through your ‘to do’ list or activities for the week, just stop and think:

- What value does this activity hold?

Now, we think value we automatically think 💰, however value is however you associate it, it is around what that activity brings to you - money, wellbeing, happiness, skills...

- What has the highest value on your to do list?

- Are there things on there that you can’t associate value to?

If yes, cross them off!

Do the right things in the right order and your productivity will fly.

No value - cross it off!

High value but hard, do it first, don’t just pick easy things first.

Focus on value, your time is precious so spend it wisely!


Day 5 -  be more like Willow!


Meet my beautiful god daughter Willow, she loves an adventure(hence the black eye!), does the things she loves doing like colouring, exploring and playing, is always full of creativity, imagination, laughter and lives for the moment.

At what ages do we lose that?!

So, challenge for day 5 is to be more like Willow...

Enjoy doing the things you love to do, have an adventure, laugh, top up on energy, focus and positivity to make your focused time more productive and your down time more fun!

Don’t forget to have fun, remember fun?!


Day 6 - barriers 

So today’s challenge is identifying your barriers to productivity.

Have you done days 1-5?

If not, why not?

What gets in the way of your productivity?

Make a list of everything that gets in the way of you being at your best and identify what stops you from being productive.


Day 7 - Maximise time

The final day of the productivity challenge...

Put into practise everything you have learnt and maximise your time in the week ahead.

1 week, 7 days, 168hours, 10,080minutes

Time is precious, make it count.


Do you know where your time goes?

Do you know how much ‘free time’ you actually have to fill, or do you always over estimate how much you can fit in?

1. Make a list of all the areas where you spend time

2.  Add in  /100 how much value that activity holds to you.

3. For each activity then add an approximate amount of time you spend per week on this activity.

4. Next to each one then add whether you want to spend more, less or the same time.

5. For any you want to spend more or less time create an action for yourself to make it happen.