Insta goals...

I want to share with you my phenomenon of 'Insta goals'....

By Insta goals I mean the goals you feel you SHOULD have in order to live up to the expectations set by social media and projections from the media.

Everyone's life looks perfect on Instagram so it creates a culture of wanting to emulate that life and the feeling that if our lives aren't that perfect, then we are failing.

Hence 'Insta goals'.

I want to share with you some of my own personal story, and my shift from Insta goals, to REAL goals.

It's how I formed Real World Coaching, and is the foundations upon which the business has been developed.


These two pictures sum up the difference in my instagram almost 1 year apart to the day...

The top picture taken last year, 2017, on paper I had everything!

High paying job, the fancy car, money to jet around and buy fancy things, my own house, engaged  with a fancy venue booked... and my instagram was full of superficial and shiny pictures.

On 'paper' I had hit my goals and should have been over the moon.

Instead I was empty, lonely, stressed, burnt out and felt lost.

One year on, I'm no longer engaged, I have left my job, I have kept my car, but it's pretty much the only remnants of my 'previous insta life'.

The bottom picture was taken yesterday, and is the new de-stressed, happy Emma in my absolute favourite place, the beach.

My goal was to find fulfilment and I have hit it, I'm not stressed, I'm no longer burnt out, even though by 'insta goal' standards I have gone backwards...

I don't earn what I earn't before, I don't throw money at shiny things, and this year holidays are looking very unlikely.

BUT I'm happy, I am helping people each day and I feel like I have a greater purpose. And to me that holds a MUCH higher value...