Resilience of the MIGHTY business owner

More than 50% of people who took the DISC assessment ticked ‘not easily defeated’ as the statement they MOST related to.

This led me to think about 'resilience'.

noun: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness:

Running your own business is HARD, it is certainly not the easy option, it can be lonely, isolating, and inconsistent whilst being full of ups and downs.

But it is also an incredibly liberating, exciting and brave mission.

True resilience is the key to creating consistency, and safeguarding yourself from the stress of the rollercoaster that is self employment. And we mean REAL resilience, not a good poker face!

Your ability to bounce back quickly from any set backs will be a key to not only your business success, but your own enjoyment of the process.

Your business is personal, no matter how much you try and detach from the day to day you will feel more hits than you would working for someone else, things that wouldn't feel like a knock back when working in an organisation will feel like a huge set back or knock in your own business, cause like it or not, it is personal.

Four steps to building resilience.

One: Understand your stress reactions, triggers and build up. Knowing yourself, your reactions and how you handle those lows will help you self manage, work through it, and rationalise your reactions.

Two: Every time you have a knock back or a low with your business write down at least 1 lesson you have learnt, after all knock backs and the downs are just lessons for next time.

Three: Give yourself a break! How do you switch off? How do you unwind completely? If you don't know then find out pretty quick sharp and make sure that you give yourself some down time ESPECIALLY when times are low. 

The instant reaction is to make problems a 24/7 thing, but by stopping, recharging, and coming back with a fresh mind, not only will you feel stronger and more able to tackle the problem, but you will actually be able to see the wood through the trees.

Four: Stats, stats, stats.  Business fluctuates, it's normal, but can feel hugely uncomfortable when you feel out of control. Monitor your business, record everything and start to track the highs and lows of sales, conversions etc. Which times of year are best, which naturally dip. That way, each year you know when to expect the quieter periods, and rather than it being a panic, it is perhaps those times that you just ring-fence for holiday! You can create consistency and a baseline for your business to give you that piece of mind and save those dips.

And most of all, accept that as much as many of us have a yearning for stability, business isn't stable, but it is exciting, and it is YOURS, and that is amazing! It is something many many people want to do but don't have the guts, so pat yourself on the back, appreciate everything that you have achieved and don't forget that in order to build the best version of your business, you need to be the best version of YOU.

You wouldn't race a sports car on a nearly empty battery and no oil right?!