How well do you know your clients/ potential clients?

As a business owner I am always striving to identify and understand my clients and potential clients further so that I can work out how best to bring them on-board, market to them and ultimately give them the best service.

As a business owner can you confidently describe your target market, their behaviours, habits, strengths, weaknesses and fears and how you can then help them specifically?

Imagine if you could... how powerful would that be? How much time would that save?

I made 'understanding my clientele to the next level' my mission this month. I  have been running a free version of a DISC behaviour profile  to help give people an insight into themselves, and the power of DISC.  

By running this free assessment, this also then gives me a powerful insight into my customers and their behavioural preferences, AND has confirmed some of my gut instincts.

My gut instinct from coaching and working with people over the last few years was:

"Most Business Owners are high in D and I preference - fast paced, lots of ideas, and driven. Not always great at detail and structure which drives all of the S and C preferences MAD, which coincidentally is the majority of their teams..."

So, that was my gut instinct, and a pattern I have seen time and time again with the clients I have historically worked with.

HOWEVER, now I have run some assessments I can start to analyse and review my findings to see what the stats are ACTUALLY telling me and to see whether I have fallen into the trap of marketing to other 'me's'...

1. First I ran a version of DISC (very high level) aimed at anyone and everyone, not a specific audience. 

2. I then ran a version of DISC, more detailed questions and  aimed specifically at Business Owners.

My Findings:

  • The S preference was by far the dominant preference on the general assessment that I ran.


  • S is then the lowest preference in the business owner DISC profile which was aimed specifically at business owners, with the highest preference being D at a whopping 40%!

*This not only clearly backs up my gut feel, but is so interesting to see the clear distinction in preferences between different audiences.


  • The second highest preference on the Business Owner specific assessment so far is actually our analytical C's, rather than my predicted I's, it is only by a couple of % but still a really good insight and makes sense as to why many business owners struggle with procrastination!
  • It is also a great reminder to make sure, as a High D and I myself, I am including enough detail and structure for my High C clients/potential clients otherwise I could be missing almost 30% of my audience.

Now this is not concrete analysis, this is maximising the data from my free lead magnets, but this is still invaluable.

What data are you collecting that can help you understand your customers better?

How do you use it?

I could ramble on about this all day as I find this area fascinating, if you want to know more about the 4 different preferences and which ones you are highest in, take your free DISC profile now to get your %'s, and to get loads of info about all 4 styles!