Motivation Part 1 - Goals

This is the first in a five part series of articles written especially to give you practical hands on advice to find, and keep, your motivation.

First in our 5 part series is... GOALS.

The word goals is banded around all over the shop these days, but do you really know what a good goal looks like, how to use them to keep motivated? And why they are so important?

Moving forward with no goals is like going on a road trip with no destination, can be fun and spontaneous for a short time, but not brilliant when you actually want to achieve something, move forward and progress in a certain direction.

To get motivated you first need something to get motivated towards and we want you to set goals with these two principles in mind...

Firstly, make sure it is a specific goal, and you will know once you get there and what benefits it will bring you - think SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound)

Secondly, The Goldilocks rule, If you set your goal unrealistically high then you can demotivate and discourage yourself through intimidation and lack of progress; set the goal too low and you will get bored.

You will find your motivation when your goal is set in the optimum difficulty zone.

“And this one’s just right!"

Psychologist Gilbert Brim once said “One of the important sources of human happiness is working on tasks at a suitable level of difficulty, neither too hard not too easy.”


Let’s talk through something simple as an example…

Social Media. So important for businesses and a clear area to set a goal.

Common responses from people when asked what there goal is, is so often….

‘to get more followers’, ‘to be better at it’, ‘to use it consistently'

How on earth do you move forward with that?

How will you know when you get there and what success looks like?

What benefits is that goal bringing you?

Are you actually measuring and targeting the right area?

So, I would need to dig into WHY I want to be better at social media, or gain more followers. Identify my outcome, and then turn it into a goal.

So... I could drill ‘ to be better at it’ down in to … 'I would like an increase in my engagement on Linkedin articles to increase my positive PR with local businesses’.

I can then take that down even further to make it a measurable target - To post one article a week, and increase my engagement level on articles from 200 reads per article, to an average of 400 reads by 1st October 2018.

Notice this is a substantial increase in reads, but a do-able figure, if I had wanted to go from 200 to 200,000 that would soon leave me demotivated, If I had chosen to only aim for 250 reads it wouldn’t stretch me enough to keep me focused.

Simple example and a single area, but without this goal, and the RIGHT goal in that area, I am likely to be completely un-motivated to actually focus on my linked articles to make progress, my approach would be haphazard and inconsistent and I would miss that sense of achievement and progression that comes from moving that bit closer to your end goals.

Now I have my goal it is a really simple next step to start breaking down the how and it gives me that clarity and focus.


*** Your First Motivation Challenge ***

Pick just ONE simple area you need to get motivated with and create your GOAL.

Just pick one, make it a really specific area and give it the SMART and goldilocks test! When you are ready, why not post it up on our linkedin article, or free Reality Bites, Facebook group to keep you accountable.