Motivation Part 3 - Behaviour

So you know your goal, you know why, but now you need to get over your biggest hurdle...


Identify your behaviour and be honest and open about the behaviours that normally stifle your motivation.

If you haven't already, then head over to our free DISC assessment and find out what your dominant preferences are so that you can identify you motivators and work through how to self manage...


We all have elements of all four behavioural preferences so there will be motivators potentially across the board that resonate with you, but the important thing is to identify them. Make a list of what drives you and motivates you and then work out how to satisfy it.

As a Business Owner many of us fall into the 'solopreneur' category, and being solo for many people works against those motives.

Driven by recognition, but work solo? 

Like opportunities to help but spending too much time in the back office to see how your making a difference?

Want to deliver quality, but got no gauge over what done looks like so never get finished?

Work best with competition and feedback, but no-one or nothing to compete with?

All really common issues but YOU can identify them and work with them to motivate you even for the simplest of things.

Let's take my linkedin goal again.

I am High I and High D,  my motivators are all around people, recognition, relationships, winning, success, competition.

So how could I use these to keep me motivated towards my goal?

- Set myself weekly targets and turn it into a competition against myself

- Publicly share my goal to get recognition and positive feedback when I am hitting my targets

- Work with others to do joint articles to create dialogue, relationships and more meaning to the process of hitting my goal

- Use feedback from the articles and recognise the impact on others to give me motivation that I am being seen as knowledgeable an 'authority' figure in that area and helping people.

That's just a brain dump of a few idea, but you can see how you can easily start to use your own motivations to put weight behind your goal and to stop YOU being a barrier, you just need to get clear on your motives first.

Challenge number 3:

Write a list of your drivers/motivators remember to use the DISC profile if you haven't already to give you a starting point. 

Then take the goal you have already set and identify a list of ways you could use those motivations to make sure you hit that goal.

Then pick the ones you will do and put steps in place to make sure they happen!