Motivation Part 4 - Routine

Routine helps you move towards your goal, we are creatures of habit and creating a routine to the process of hitting your goal will help spark that motivation.

For those routine and rule breakers reading this, that doesn't mean setting a dull/boring routine, think of it more as a trigger.

It's your pre match warm up, it isn't something you need motivation to do, it is just something simple that will become the start of your routine.

For me my work day starts when I open my office door, and finishes when I close the door. Opening the door is so simple, no motivation needed there! But it becomes symbolic and provides my brain with a message to say I am in work mode, or that I am out of work mode.

What routine actions/triggers can you add to your tasks to make them happen?

The action should be so simple you can't say not to it...

* Start your accounts each time with a cup of tea

* Fill your water bottle ready for your gym workout just before you leave the house

* Start writing my linked in articles with a fresh coffee and 10 deep breaths

* Listen to a podcast before I write my weekly blog...

* Listen to my favourite playlist on the drive to the gym


Remember, the most successful people create schedules, routines and targets and stick to them, stop sitting and waiting for motivation to strike.


***Motivation challenge number 4***

Take your goal, and find a pre match routine/ trigger you can make a habit and notice the impact that has on your goal, motivation and progress.