Your time is non refundable

As a business owner it is so hard not to spread yourself too thin. Being a little bit of something to everyone, but leaving everyone and everything slightly neglected and you frazzled!

You have lots of plates to juggle and sometimes it feels impossible to keep them all spinning right?

IMG_0242 (1).jpg

The answer sometimes feels like we need to power up and spin faster and for longer.

It is easy to forget/ or ignore the fact that we can't sustain this for long, and that if we were spinning fewer plates, we would not only be spinning them better and more consistently, but we would be far less frazzled.

All the activities you do, do they add value, are they necessary?

How about the relationships you have? Both business and personal, are they relationships that are two way and give you energy and positivity, or do you have some energy drains that eat away at your quality time with those that do lift you up?

How much head space are you giving to stress, worry and negativity in your downtime from the business when you could be focusing on your family, your friends, or heavens forbid - you and your hobbies!

Think of you as 100% and then chose where you give those % away to, only give them to value add areas and safeguard that % with your life as in the end your time is far more valuable than money and its non refundable...