Hecklers, the ear worms of business growth...

What do you do to manage your clients, audience, customers, even family and friends to sift through the advice, feedback and opinions to work out which ones to take?

Do you find it hard to please everyone and feel sometimes like you end up pleasing no-one?!

You can use this quadrant to divide your client base in to the relevant area to make your life easier when thinking about feedback, engagement and where to focus your communication efforts.

People with high power and low support are your terrorists, they may be a pain in your backside, but if you don't keep them happy it can be a PR nightmare!


Promotors are your ambassadors, your ultimate community members who will shout loud and proud about your business for the world to hear - and most importantly there are people there to listen. Think people with high social media following, high profile businesses/jobs/networks.

Supporters, those with high support but low levels of influence over others.

Hecklers, the ear worms of business growth, low power, low support and the nigglers that heckle more and more as you and your business grows but have no power, influence or foundations upon which to offer their unsolicited advice....

My question to you is, which of these areas do you invest the most of your time in?