Are you undermining your value?

Business owners BEWARE, spreading your time too thinly is like sharing a bottle of champagne around a room full of people, it leaves everyone feeling shortchanged, unfulfilled and wanting more whilst completely diluting the value...

Check out this shortened version of the talk I did at the Worcester Festival of Business about the value of your time... not only that, but below are 10 simple questions to help you re-align your time into those highest value areas.

Once you have done that, we have created an accountability mechanism for you to check in your actions and keep yourself on track!

But first, 10 questions to help you re-align your time to the HIGHEST value areas….

1. Where does the majority of your time go right now?

2. Is this where your time is most valuable?

3. Which areas do you add most value?

4. What could you do to shift your time into those areas?

( remember, high value areas aren’t always within your business, remember your why, remember what value means to YOU as a person, maybe it is quality time out of work with family, friends, hobbies?!)

5.  What 3 actions will you take in the next 6 weeks to re-balance?

6. What impact would completing those actions have?

7.Why haven’t you taken those steps before? What has stopped you?

8.What could stop you this time?

9. How will you make sure it doesn’t?

10.How will you stay motivated and on track for the whole 6 weeks?

11. How will you measure those actions? 

NOW, for the ultimate accountability, complete this short form with your actions, and you will get a postcard around your due date with your own goal, measure and a note to self (all in an envelope so don’t worry about any weird and wacky notes to self).

Don’t let that postcard be an ‘oh shit’ moment, make today the day you start focusing on those high value areas.