Kevin, Exec Director of Technology, Sanctuary Housing

We worked with Emma and Real World Coaching, initially within our Senior Management Team and ultimately to create a department wide development plan across our I.T. Department.  Going into a new world of Digital Transformation, we knew that we were challenging our managers and teams to go through significant change and to develop new skills. 

Emma helped us to establish the behaviours, find the skills gaps and adopt a change mindset.  We not only focused on the changes we needed for the Digital programme but also to identify and address long standing inefficiencies in the department.  We were taken through a structured approach which helped our managers to develop plans to maximise the effectiveness of their teams. 

We also set department wide competencies (about how we communicate and manage stakeholders for example) as well as specific development plans per role.  There’s now more focus on behaviours and teams are communicating more effectively (and consistently) with each other.  People feel more empowered to challenge and give feedback which in turn increases the amount of personal responsibility being taken.  Working with Real World Coaching was an entirely positive experience and we are well set to reap the rewards long into the future.