Sara, One to one coaching client

“ I would highly recommend one to one sessions with Emma, her friendly manner quickly puts you at ease, and she has a gift for teasing out the issues bothering you helping you to focus on the area of your life you need to address.

Once identified she works with you to identify ways of dealing with the issue at hand, helping to break it down into small achievable 'chunks', so that you do not feel completely overwhelmed by the task at hand. Rather than telling you what to do, she asks pertinent questions ensuring that you focus on what will help you to reach your goal, and imagine the future once your goal is achieved.

Follow up messages between meetings help you to remain focused and on track, and encourage you should things not go according to plan. There is never any pressure but I felt encouraged and motivated to complete agreed steps between meetings, and I now have a clear plan to work towards in the coming months.”