The Kilim Hotel

We had the privilege of receiving the assistance of Real World Consultancy for our lovely little hotel on the west coast of Turkey.  We have been running our business very successfully for the past 25 years and during that time it has grown incredibly due to our honest reputation and guest dedication.

It’s the first time that we have ever used any kind of professional support for our business as we always thought that we knew everything about what we were doing and have firmly believed in the motto ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’.  We have a loyal following in our hotel and we were worried that too much change might bring a negative effect on our returning guests, on ourselves and on our team.  Change is scary right?

The huge difference we found during our relationship with Real World Consultancy was not only were we able to continue with our motto but enhance our business in so many ways that we had never even thought of.  

Emma came into our hotel and practically lived it 100% with us during the whole time she was here.  She brought an energy that was so fresh and fun that it made me really excited again to be at work every day, it really was infectious.  Her fantastic new ideas were all able to be implemented immediately and effortlessly, she gave us new ways to encourage not only more guests via untried avenues but also to invigorate the existing customer base with something different for them to get excited about.

We always thought that we were doing as much as we could with our business given the tight team levels and our own managerial commitments. However, there are so many more things that we are now planning for our future seasons which are bespoke and perfectly fitting to our unique independent stand alone little business.

Emma is an absolute gem to work with, apart from the fact that her hands on approach is so much fun, her energy is hugely influential throughout and her ideas are amazing.  She was able to see our business clearly and concisely in such a short time and tailored a brilliant plan for us to continue to work with.

As a result of working with Real World Consultancy we have seen an increased volume of reservation enquiries for our upcoming season, a huge rise in our lunch menu sales and a considerable amount of new followers on our Social Media pages as well as even happier guests, a more motivated team and a more contented us.

Thanks to Emma for such a special and brilliant experience.

Becky & Emrah Özdemir


Kilim Hotel 

Dalyan, Turkey