Esther, Owner of Online Media Works

“I have fallen in love with my business all over again.”

“I have fallen in love with my business all over again.”

I started one to one coaching with Emma at Real World Coaching after attending one of her goal-setting workshops in the new year. I felt like Emma was, importantly, on the same wavelength as me and I left the workshop feeling inspired and motivated. I wanted to keep this going through one to one sessions, to focus specifically on my business.


Before Christmas I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the number of directions that my business could take. I am a real ideas person which is great for getting creative, but I sometimes struggle to know which ideas to invest my energy into and not to get distracted off on a different path.


Within 4 short weeks of working with Emma, we have identified my priorities, created a plan of action, broken it down into bite sized steps and then hit it head on.  I have dates in the diary for new bespoke workshops, I have rebranded, created an updated business mission, redefined my services, ordered new leaflets and marketing materials and I am currently working on my website to reflect the clarity I have with the services I offer and how people can easily access them!  Wow! I feel unstoppable!


I am on target with my new plans and I am confident and excited to hit my goals and set my next challenges! Working with Emma is like a breath of fresh air. She has a clear, structured approach and I have fallen in love with my business all over again.