Clarity Coaching

Let's talk business and maximise your business growth

My name is Emma May and I am the Owner and Clarity Coach at Real World Coaching.

I mean business, and if you are ready, willing and able I want to personally work with you to move in to new levels of business growth using a blend of behaviour, coaching, strategy and accountability.


 I offer a range of services ranging from on-going coaching check in's through to immersion days, transformation programmes and consultancy, but to keep it simple everything starts with a cuppa! Be it a remote cuppa over the phone/skype, or a catch up locally, we start all interactions with a chat about you, your business, me, my business, and then we go from there.


Everything about your business growth has to start with YOU, are you ready to take ownership and see what you can achieve?


All services are a blend of coaching, strategy, planning, behavioural(DISC) and motivators led science; all with a friendly face and a genuine interest in you and your business.


We use a range of Behaviour DISC reports as a foundation for our coaching relationships. 


We can also come in and work with your team and you in more depth, and there are a range of additional behavioural reports to support you and your business growth, BUT, all of this is offered as a bolt on after we have worked together 121 so that we can make sure we cover all the foundations!

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