Design the life you LOVE - Kick starter workshop

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Design the life you LOVE - Kick starter workshop

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Next available dates:  May 12th, June 9th

A 4 hour workshop (1-5pm) at Waylands Yard, Worcester which gives you the starting blocks to design the life you LOVE.

*Remind yourself who YOU are, what you LOVE and what makes you feel fulfilled.

*Identify your strengths through personality profiling, recognise  your skills and experience.

*Create your 10/10 view of life so that you are CLEAR on where you want to get to in the life you LOVE.

* Finish with a focus on next steps so that you can take aware some quick win actions to get you moving in the right direction.

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Do you feel deflated and lost? Like you are living a life by circumstance rather than by design? Re-gain control, don't just 'make do' or put up with feeling unfulfilled.

I want you to feel the energy and buzz I felt when re-designing the life I LOVE.

Using coaching principles and techniques alongside planning and profiling, this day aims to put you back in touch which what makes you YOU, what you love doing, what motivates you, what makes you happy, and what you want to get back out of life.

You will create a view of what 'fulfilment' means to you, alongside a personal checklist of your needs and wants and dependencies so that you can start to see a realistic path forward which is less daunting.

We end with a coaching session to help you lock in next steps and to send you away with a couple of week worth of specific actions to take you one step closer to the goal you have identified.

The perfect kick starter to get you out of that rut!



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We are proud to have a record of 10/10* for our pre day comms, content and delivery!

"I now have focus on my areas of development and what strengths and skills I have that could be implemented on achieving goals"

"Wow, I feel inspired, motivated and on a mission to design the life I love, rather than just mindlessly trundling along!"